Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Eye Eye

Went for an eye test last week. Well, I actually went to buy some new specs, because Junior had managed to pull my only pair apart. Little buggar. Mistake on my part, I'd left them out overnight, he'd gotten up early, found them and proceeded to bend them to kingdom come...

So, anyway, I had an eye test too, just to make sure I'm not going too blind. And everything was OK, no changes in my prescription. But I mentioned to the cute, busty, blond (you see, my eyesight's fine...) optometrist that lately I'm finding small print, that's really small print (the one on most Israeli contracts), a little harder to read and I sometimes have to take my glasses off to make the text out. She looked at me, and said: "Are you 40?"

After softly and lovingly headbutting her, and convincing her that I'm still in my 30's, she informed me that once hitting 40, bi-focals are all the rage. A fairly mandatory rage, in fact. Oooh fuck, that made me feel old...but she checked my eyes out, using the small print in a standard Israeli landlord's contract and I passed with flying colors. So no pipe and slippers for me just yet!