Friday, April 04, 2008

Watch out!

This week at Open Spacey we had a nice lunch out on our balcony. The sun was out, a cool breeze was blowing and it was mighty fine. All that was missing was some amber nectar. Sat next to the boss, he turned to me and asked me what time it was. He then added that I was the only person he could ask because nobody else wore a watch. I looked around the table and yes, out of 14 people, only one other person had a watch (hidden under a sleeve...). My boss, who likes to talk a lot (don't they all), then blabbed on about this being the new world order, that nobody wears a watch any more. Hadn't ever noticed, but I was very surprised, I thought everybody wore a watch, despite the mobile phone, the clock on the computer, clock in the car etc...

So, do you still wear a watch?