Saturday, August 23, 2008

August's Homo Sapiette - Tel Aviv Beach Eye Candy

put your hands up, put your hands up cheeky quick! paparazzi-stylee shot! come play with me!

OK, so this month not one specific celeb for you to drool over. Instead, a collection (not a private one, only one of these pix came from my camera and I didn't take it - most of these pix are out there on the web) of some of the eye candy that you might just get accosted with on the sandy beaches of Tel Aviv. It's August, it's baking, the Med is sparkling a few metres away, and the bikinis are getting even briefer. Oooh mama. Did you ever wonder how I've managed to stay here so long? And can you guess where I'm off to in the next few minutes...?

stand still please oh i say, white bikiniiiii oh my, another white bikiniiii
you look like my ex-boss! wow, another cute smiler! yes, you! you're a homo sapiette! smile, forfeckssake!
are you talking to me?? grrrr