Monday, September 01, 2008

Big Bollox

There you go. There was a time when Israel took years to catch up on the latest trends and fads enveloping and suffocating the Modern World. And then, somewhere during the 90s I guess, Israel slowly started catching up. Films released in the Modern World were released almost simultaneously in Israel (in fact, they even started getting ahead of Blighty at one point). Mullets slowly disappeared. And beers other than Goldstar, Maccabi and Carlsberg started showing their faces in Israeli bars.

But then, for some strange reason, Israel decided to get real. Real as in reality. Which meant a slow catch-up process once again with the rest of the Modern World. A first run of Survivor earlier this year, which we all know was watched by the anglosaxies. Now, it's time for the turn of Big Brother. Yes indeed, in its 9th glorious season in the UK, 10th in the States and eaten up by 70 other countries, it's now time for the Holy Land version.

Can we stand the excitement? Oh yeh. Can you? Kicks off feck...