Monday, October 06, 2008

Desperate or Dastardly?

Received a phone call this morning. Guess who it was? Nah, you'll never guess. It was my corner shop guy, the shop just across from my school. I have a tab there and always pay up each month. It's usually a miniscule amount, though this month reached the mighty sum of 99 shekels. So, of course, he called, just to check I was coming in to settle up.

Now, I'm not sure whether he's taking the piss or is in fact a master businessman. Because to chase me up for 99 shekels (about $30, give or take a shekel), when he knows I always pay up on time and in full, seems a little off. I just thought about the 5 bills I wrote up for 12,000 shekels, money owing to me from the last few weeks of freelancing and I kinda smirked. Though smirked uneasily when I realised that he probably is spot on, at least he's demanding his money on time and chasing it up, whereas I usually end up waiting an extra month or 2...