Thursday, October 09, 2008

The return of the Corridor?

Received an interesting email this week. It was from my ex-boss at Corridor Land, wishing me a Happy New Year. She then went on to ask if I wanted to return to Corridor Land as a freelancer, maybe 2, 3 days per week. I had to smile. Then shiver, as the goosebumps went shimmy shammy down my spine. Apparently the writer that took over from me saw the light. Or perhaps was made to see the light, which seems more feasible, seeing as some of us know what a twat he is...

And I'm actually considering the offer. Trust me, if it was as a salaried employee it wouldn't even cross my mind, but as a freelancer I don't have a problem. I have also laid down some ground rules, which I'm still awaiting a response on...without those in place, they can go jump.