Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Christmas from the Holy Land!

Aye, so Happy Christmas to you and yours!

Have a great day, whatever it is you be doing...the kids are on holiday over here because of Hannukah, so not sure how relaxing and Christmassy it's going to be...but alcohol and mince pies are my intended domain, with a long distance call to Blighty somewhere around half cut o'clock.

Yesterday me and the missus hopped over to Jerusalem and toured the Old City, just to get a bit spiritual and seasonal, and touristy. I did my Barack Obama impression at the Western Wall and stuffed my prayer amongst those mighty cracks, while the missus was quietly (very) impressed with the Church of the Holy's been years since I last visited the Old City and I have to say, I loved it, despite the chilly, blustery wind. Very inspiring...if you can handle the cheeky little Arab kids in the Muslim Quarter...