Wednesday, March 25, 2009

School's out

After trying to find a buyer for the school over the last few months it looks like I'm going to let it just run out its lease in the summer and get the hell out. I do have another interested buyer, but she appears to be just like the rest - why is it that all interested parties seem so uninterested and so void of enthusiasm for taking on a new venture? I swear, if you have an ounce of business umph in you, and you like teaching, this place could be a goldmine. But I don't care anymore, the school is just sapping my energy where I need it in other places...

Another reason why I'm losing interest: customers who don't pay on time. I have one woman, we (I send a teach there) go to her house (just down the road) and teach her and then her son. She currently owes me 4 months money and her last reason for not giving me the cash was that she didn't have any cheques. And yes, this woman is the BANK MANAGER of one of the biggest banks in Israel. I called BOLLOX on the "no chequebook" story and went bonkers on her over the phone. Or at least I left her a nasty message, because she's not answering my calls either, the bitch. Frankly, she is a pain in the ass client, always has been, but because of her lauded position as a bank manager she really is a nasty piece of work. But I won't let her get away without paying, don't worry. I have no shame in going to her door and demanding it.

As you can see, a drain on my energy, which is being put to its limits elsewhere...time for me and the school to say Ta-Ta!