Friday, March 06, 2009

Stuff you can't get on Facebook and Twitter

Blimey, time flies dunnit! Here I am, back in the Holy Land for a few days, busy as a bee but forgetting to let you know...smack my wrists baby, smack 'em! Anyway, some brief updates for you, stuff you can't see on my Facebook, Twitter or website...

  • Enjoyed Blighty a lot. I want to live there for a bit. Fuck the economy, we can make it over there. Maybe.
  • That snow was feckin' amazing.
  • Am now officially unemployed in Israel, but yet to sign on at the dole office.
  • Open Spacey have sacked my old boss too. I didn't shed a tear.
  • Miss my company Ford Focus, now driving the wife's Applause.
  • Enjoying Tel Aviv's centenary deal for over 70's - they get free parking all over Tel Aviv, so I've been busy abusing the old blue and white kerbs. The wife's car is registered in her father's name, in case you were wondering.
  • Have just purchased my first website, and plan to create another one and buy more. The empire is expanding. This could be my new profession.
  • I'm doing way too much laundry at home. But still the wife is on my case. It's OK, it's her job.
  • Am thinking that blogging as we know it is dying. That pesky little Twitter is going to take over the world. Maybe.
  • Purim. Kids. Costumes. Expense.
  • Met my old pal O this week for a coffee (it was too early for a beer). She's now a coach and hobnobbing with the rich and famous.
  • Am very tempted to cancel my cable TV subscription. Very very tempted.

May God and a wee dram of Jameson bless you all!

As per Michael Jackson, I'll be back for my Farewell tour too. Or should that be a Comeback? Who cares, you haven't got rid of me just yet!