Monday, June 07, 2004


Holiday poll results are in. Christmas and Pessach tied for first place, both with 22% of the vote. Personally, I'm not sure how matza can be endured longer than a few hours, let alone a whole week...In third place it was Thanksgiving, some minor American holiday apparently (tee hee), while in a tie for fourth it was Independence Day (Israeli style) and 'None of the above'. Should I have added Ramadan?

OK then, time for a new poll. This time you have to vote for the Israeli you think best personifies Israel - not your favourite Israeli or the Israeli that represents your political view, but the Israeli who you think best sums up all that is good and bad about Israel. That could mean the democratically challenged Arik Sharon, the rather shifty Bibi or the voluptuous Dana. You decide. My vote has been cast but this time I'm not telling.