Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Do you mind if I close the dick?

A lurverly 3 day stint in the office started this morning...really hate that feeling when I walk up the stairs to my corridor. O was distraught I left her all alone in corridor hell for 3 days, but she's a tough cookie, she'll live.

Today is a long day with a couple of lessons with 3 kids tonight in Rosh Ha'ayin. Home around 10, I guess. Not sure the 9 year olds will ply me with Southern Comfort though...my regular SC guy is abroad testing his new grasp of Anglosaxy English for a few days. I just hope he doesn't mix up his words again - not sure how but when we were reading some basic English vocabulary last week he was doing a great job until he came across the word 'door'. For some reason he paused and then, very confidently, came out with "dick". I know it's probably not very professional, but he had me teetering on the edge of hysterics.