Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Driving in Israel #2

I've just arrived back in the office after experiencing one hell of a traffic jam on the Ayalon freeway. Just sit back and watch... as any space longer than 2 metres is quickly devoured by some form of transport. You can guarantee that even if a driver is in the fast moving lane, but the lane has temporarily slowed, he/she will head for that space. Maybe 'occupation' (ooer missus, confrontational goings on here at anglosaxy) is an inbuilt Israeli trait - they see an inch of land, in this case tarmac, and they have to conquer... and count the pairs of cars parked in the emergency lane. Why are they there? Valiant attempts at breaking the world record for minimal distance between cars fail yet again... as anglosaxy's new policy takes hold; you indicate, voila, you sweep majestically into my lane. You don't indicate, you f*ck off back to your lane.

For a reminder of what makes Israeli drivers simply irresistible, check my May 29th post and its comments.