Sunday, July 18, 2004

Back to reality

The weekend up north was great...the euphoria that is still here on a Sunday morning has us even contemplating upping from the hustle and bustle that is Tel Aviv to living in the sticks...but more of that for another time. 
We drove up on Friday afternoon with M and L, just in time to catch a quck dip in the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee) before sunset, while supping a cold one. Despite a valiant attempt, my walking on the water trick didn't quite come off, though we did manage to pull off a very impressive Mexican wave - I'll post a picture of this amazing feat later today.
After arriving in Rosh Pina (wow, what a house, what they rent for $600 would cost at least $1600 in Tel Aviv), I was handed cooking duties. Despite being English, I'm getting to be a dab hand at this BBQ malarky...After wolfing down the food with copious amounts of alcohol (the beer had to be replenished via a local corner shop), we then moved into the party game phase. This involved everybody (there were 10 of us) revealing more and more intimate, and I mean intimate, details about themselves. Night merged into dawn as Van Morrison and Bob Marley blasted out of the stereo, people fell about in hysterics and empty bottles lay strewn about, providing a challenging obstacle course for anybody heading up to bed.
The morning was a bit tough for me, and I apologise for not delivering on my promise of an anglosaxy omelette (mrs. anglosaxy, you're going to have to stop bragging about my cooking skills...) . Eventually we pulled out and headed for the River Jordan (or was it the Hatzbani?) to float downstream on tyres. Not exactly white water rafting but a good laugh. The rest of the day was spent back in Rosh Pina, with the coals stoked up again to deliver some tasty chicken liver. Then we headed home, though due to a nasty accident the 3 hour drive ended up as 4.5 hours. 
Back to reality in the corridor, though my boss gave birth over the weekend, so things are a little more relaxed than usual round these parts - in fact, I'd say there were definitely a few mice scurrying about... 
Update: The promised pic of the Mexican wave in the Sea of Galilee, post-sunset.