Friday, July 16, 2004

Off up north

We're heading up north with a few friends later on today. One of them has a brother who lives in Rosh Pina and his brother is 'out of town' for a few weeks, so, up we go. As we are planning a big BBQ I had one hell of a shopping mission last night...went to the local 24hr supermarket at midnight, you'd be amazed at how many people are doing their shopping at this time! There's something different about these shoppers, they seem more jovial and polite...then again, that could be down to the couple of Tuborgs I had an hour previously. Yep, that'll explain it. And yes, I was all alone, mrs. anglosaxy was safely curled up in bed, bless her little cotton socks.
Blogger has gone mad with a whole new set of editing tools, very fancy. I shall be able to wow you a lot more easily.
Anyway, have a great weekend!