Friday, July 23, 2004

Bon soir

No cha-cha-cha-ing, no dancing, nada. Last night was a wash out, everyone was out for the count, even L crashed out at our place. We ain't kids anymore, I guess, two nights in a row is pretty hard going...

Today we toured the north a little, mainly Binyamina, Karkur and the surrounding area. Mrs. anglosaxy was looking for a present for her momma (she turns 60 next week but don't tell anybody) but we didn't find anything 'suitable'. Might I suggest a broomstick? Nah, just kidding!

Off tonight to a sound and light show of mrs. anglosaxy's cousins - apparently all their kiddie pics have been converted to slides, for viewing via a projector. Mmm. Sounds fun, eh? And this is in place of a live jazz show in Shefayim...I deserve a medal, but just make it cold, liquid and alcoholic, that'll suffice for now.