Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Review time

I've just come out of a meeting with my boss where we had to review my professional, interpersonal and management targets for the coming year. Let's forget for 2 seconds that these three words do not belong in this company's lexicon. Do you know how hard it is to bullshit your way through this stuff when you have absolutely no intention of seeing them through?

This is what I should have gone with:
1. Professional: Let me see...leave the Tech Writing profession or at least this place.
2. Interpersonal: Mmmmm, how about a long email to my boss explaining that I've decided to take a year off travelling and teaching?
3. Management: Well, maybe I could manage my time a little better and spend more time down the beach...

More of this review stuff to come in the coming days as my boss gives me a yearly assessment. Last year's was a classic, there couldn't have been a worse review in the building (I was trying to get sacked). In my defence, the year before I was a very good boy. I can see that I have struggled to come in to this place for at least 2 years...think it's time some changes were made...