Monday, July 05, 2004

Fairytale complete

Hats off to Greece this morning, they completed their amazing run and beat the hosts in last night's final. If only I'd put a tenner on at the start of the tournament, would have reaped a tidy sum at 100-1 odds. :-(

I sat with a bunch of guys last night, all Israeli and all favouring Portugal. I was the only guy going with Greece. There's no doubt that Portugal are the better team, and that they play more attractive football, but Greece deserved their victory and I was delighted for them (maybe it's the Brit in me and the natural allegiance with the underdog?). Perhaps they can be an inspiration for the Israeli game? Look what a strong defence, organization and discipline can do for your team. You're right, I'm having a laugh. Just wouldn't work in Israel...

Also managed to pick up a new customer for English lessons during the game. Another cute 10 year old girl. But why did her mother have to call during a particularly active part of the game? Has she no shame?