Thursday, August 12, 2004

3 green, 1 black, 1 grey, 1 beige

Out last night for some sushi and ouzo (a refreshing combination) at Kai in Ramat Ha'hayal. Not bad at all, though the place itself lacks a bit in charm if you ask me...the conveyor belt idea is great, the first time I've actually seen this live (I know, I don't go out 'eating' that much). You just pick up a plate that takes your fancy and chomp away. The waitress then tots up your bill according to the plates you've taken (each color has a different price). But then you knew that already. We were out with M, who brought along his cousins from Brazil and another 3 friends. The evening ended at Arcaffe, a coffee bar just down the road. I had to drink a coffee, *shudder*, but don't worry, it was accompanied by a shot of brandy - Israeli brandy, *shudder*.

This morning was spent at the Misrad P'neem (Ministry of Interior). Don't ask. Two hours waiting, then discovering one of the forms I have is a copy only - the original is required of course. That means another future visit. Oh joy. Full story when it gets finalized, you'll be amazed...