Saturday, August 14, 2004

Moving on up

Thursday evening we had the pleasure of hosting some of the in-laws. In other words, my 5 day old spaghetti bolognese was reheated (my first ever attempt at bolognese has already reached legendary status, I'm well chuffed!), while the PlayStation was hauled out, and I showed the recently wedded brother-in-law the delights of GTA4 Vice City. I'd almost forgotten how good this game is...I also generated a little DVD presentation of the pics we had taken in Sinai, accompanied by some chillout music. Luverly.

Friday morning we headed up to Binyamina to look at some places to rent. Yep, Binyamina. I know it's a little off the beaten track, but it's got the train link to Tel Aviv, so it's only 30 minutes away...anyway we didn't find something that grabbed us, though what you can get for $700 is pretty amazing. We then headed off to nearby Karkur to see mrs. lights in the distance and the new addition to the family. She's doing great but now I know why the posts have dried up...these little baby beings seem to take up a lot of time and energy...after a quick tour of the area via her husband (cheers D!), we were even more eager to move up to this neck of the woods. What you can get for $700 in Karkur is even more amazing...

Today, it's just too hot to do anything. I wouldn't say no to going down to the beach later, we'll see. Meanwhile, the Premiership season has kicked off and currently on channel 54 they're showing the Spurs v Liverpool game. I'm a little shocked to see that I might have to start paying per game on this new channel, as they are advertising this weekend as 'free'...just what the hell is going on? I can't find anything in English on the Web about this, all I heard at work was a rumour that this was in the offing...I'm paying extra for the sports plus channel as it is, now they expect me to fork out more? If this is the case they can stuff it, I'll just have to find a 'local' where I can get to see the games...or watch some of the Olympics which will surely be flooding the airwaves for the next two weeks.