Sunday, September 05, 2004


Lying low with a little bit of flu, draining all my energy. This heat's a killer when you feel crap...

Did manage to polish off two books over the weekend; Ben Elton's 'Stark', which was OK I guess, just about passing as a beach read, and Stephen Foster's 'She stood there laughing', a valiant attempt to do a Nick Hornby, though hardly as inspiring since you are trying to get emotionally involved with a club like Stoke City. Yep, Stoke City...though I was engaged enough to plough through the whole book in less than a day. Now moving on to Michael Palin's 'Sahara' - his 'Around the world in 80 days' series on the BBC helped get my feet itching when I first thought about quitting Blighty's shores.

Just spoke with O on the phone, she is having a ball in India, she even has her own car and driver! Does she miss the corridor? Yeh, right, like a hole in the head.