Monday, September 06, 2004

Which Bamba?


One of Israel's most popular munchies, probably the most popular snack amongst kids. Easy enough to say, even if you have yet to sprout a tooth or your Hebrew is limited to 'toda' (thanks) or 'shalom'...How can I describe them to somebody who hasn't a clue what I'm on about? Well, if you're a Brit, peanut flavoured Wotsits is about as good a description...yep, peanut flavoured. Interestingly enough, Bamba was first made in cheesy flavour, before moving over to the peanut.

I love Bamba. I'm not ashamed to admit it, and I think most Israelis (including those above the age of 4) also have a fondness for it. You'll always see it as a party snack or set out in its own little bowl when invited round to friends. The one thing that has confused me for some time is the reason for the two different packaging designs (I'm referring to the main snack that everybody knows, not the packs of strawberry flavoured - yes, strawberry, disgustingly sweet - or the fairly new breakfast cereal version), as shown here.

Whenever I go grocery shopping I have to buy both bags, since mrs. anglosaxy likes the blue bag and I prefer the orange. But isn't this supposed to be the same Bamba? Are Osem trying to kid us that the two designs cater to two different markets? Is the design with the cartoon baby supposed to appeal to kids? Because I haven't seen many 4 year olds pushing their trolley round Mega supermarket while checking their shopping list recently...

So for me it's the orange bag, it always seems to taste a little richer to me. The blue bags always end up tasting dryer...hands up anyone else out there who prefers the orange...[ stares blindly into www land ]