Friday, September 10, 2004

World Cup glory

Forgot to mention yesterday's World Cup matches, which, you might be surprised to hear, resulted in Israel and England wins. Yep, both winning on the same night, that must be a first. I actually caught most of the Israeli game (another first) sat at a birthday party, all us lads tucking into freshly singed kebabs and humus while shouting obscenities at various Israeli players. I didn't have a clue who half the players were, but when in Rome...

Next week the Champions League kicks off, again with Israeli involvement with Maccabi Tel Aviv. I hate Israeli club football but as their home games will be played in the National Stadium, which is just across the road from me, I hope to catch at least one of their games (they have a corker of a group, in Bayern Munich, Juventus and Ajax). Next week's game is a no chancer because it falls on the evening of the Jewish New Year, when everybody and his dog will be seated at the traditional slap-up dinner amongst fellow tribe members. Oh well, only Bayern Munich. Tel Aviv will stuff 'em! Right.