Thursday, November 11, 2004

Bless 'er

Last night I had a lesson with my favourite 9 year old (OK, she's my only 9 year old) and was pleasantly surprised to get a little birthday card she'd made, totally in English. What was even more surprising was the little bag she also handed over. I was very touched, the cockles of me heart were roasting hand pulled out the silkiest and slinkiest pair of underwear I've ever seen! Blimey! mrs. anglosaxy reckons she's fallen in love with me, but these were a pair that they wouldn't dare show in a porn movie! Trying to change the focus a little, it was a quick "OK, so do you remember how to spell bread?"...mrs. anglosaxy had a good laugh when I picked her up afterwards and showed her the present! Now she wants a private showing, of course...

Tonight it's more birthday shenanigans, as I'm doing my Jamie Oliver bit and having a few friends round for a barbie. Typically, for the first time in some 6 months it's gone all cloudy and ominous-like...maybe God is a little sore at losing one of his little troopers.