Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Career update

For those of you who give a shit, I thought I'd give you a taste of what I'm going through at the moment. With mrs. anglosaxy's blessing I've been checking out some schools in China, where hopefully I (even we) can go and teach English. If something comes up that really grabs me, then we'll be off. I think. From what I've read, all you need is a pulse and a Western face to get a half-decent job over there, but you have to be careful of the cowboy recruiters...

Like the one who happily responded to my request of an email address of a former teacher ( just so that I could check the school out from a Westerner's viewpoint). The glowing recommendation from the teacher almost had me signing on the dotted line. But the recruiter kind of gave the game away when he let slip that the teacher was in fact his BROTHER! Er, totally unbiased then.