Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Can't fault the effort

The owners of a school I'm interested in working for in China are pulling out all the stops. They have sent me a deluge of pictures of the town, of the school, of themselves eating, of the local MacDonalds (deal-clincher, er, maybe not), of guys mopeding down the streets...but the clincher could be this one, apparently my flat is somewhere in the background:

The school isn't in a major city, but is 2 hours bus away from Hong Kong and Macau, which could prove very tempting for long weekends away.

Meanwhile, in my quest for something juicy, I have a telephone interview tomorrow morning with a software company settled in Shanghai, could be my dream job...but what do they expect to learn over the phone? That I can speak English? That I am extremely competent at my job? I don't want to blow it, but am very unsure of what to expect...and what is the next step? Me popping over to Shanghai for a face-to-face interview?