Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Honesty is the best policy...?

Just came back from a meeting with one of the big boys, that he was late for, of course. I put all my cards on the table, told 'em what I think about them and their lack of professionalism (just to make it look like it's coming from them). His face was quite a picture, though I said it all very nicely and diplomatically. Told him that I want A, B and C done or provided, otherwise my professional integrity will suffer and I will have to leave. Also suggested that they be honest with me, like I am with them, and if they don't feel they can match my requests, they should let me go. We have a meeting next week to see if they can come up with the goods. Fat chance. I was impressed with my bullshitting though, at least I know I can still shmooze like a pro...but all this for a few thousand shekels pitzuim, what have I become??!!