Monday, November 15, 2004

Sit boy, sit!

Just came back from taking young Z out for his evening walkies. I have to say it's getting slightly parky out, I might even have to start wearing socks soon...but where is that winter? It's mid-November and I'm still in me shorts, t-shirts and flip-flops. Damn shame.

Talking of taking dogs for a walk, it always amazes me how some people fail to put their dogs on a lead and then come out with the ol' classic: "He/she's OK, he/she's never touched anyone before" as their bundle of joy jumps on Z, pinning him down in a classic WWF move. Or the guys who take their killer dogs for a walk and then expect me to cross the road or steer clear of them as I pass. You've got the problem dog mate, your problem. I swear my boot, or flip-flop, is going to find itself fleetingly attached to one particular furry arse that is allowed to roam free and bark crazily as it comes loping towards Z.