Saturday, July 15, 2006

Corridor Land update

As it gets a little hot round this neck of the woods and, yes, even mrs. anglosaxy has turned into a news's time for something completely different...

It's a struggle to be in Corridor Land, yet again. I really can't connect with the place, and even though there's some eye candy in my room, she's gonna drive me nuts. OK, Corridor Land provides the car, decent money and having the freedom to come and go as I please, but being here sucks royally.

Just last week there was a meeting on a Tel Aviv beach to say farewell to the last of the lifers from an adjoining department. Sounds OK, right, going down to the beach for some sun, sea and bacon and eggs? I can assure you, it ain't the way I spend beach time...all political, and nicey nicey. Detest it with a passion - much be the anti-establishment geezer in me.

As for the new cell mate, she is one of those girls who has everything organized and correct and is just too nice. An example: she is getting married in 4 months time but is making about 10 calls a day to various wedding organizers. Every night in her diary is full of caterer tasting sessions, or meetings with DJs. "Fuck me", as they say. Others might say "Pass the bucket". It's all way too twee for me, especially after a vodka-toting Ruskie. Me and her aren't gonna be mates, we're just from two totally different planets. I'm going to keep my head down and be civil, as that's all I need to do, right?

But don't worry! Everything is working out, slowly slowly. I will reveal all in a couple of posts...and there's quite a bit to reveal! Stand by your beds!