Sunday, July 16, 2006

War! What is it good for?...ok, ok

I dunno.

There I was, driving into Tel Aviv at 7 bleedin' am (on my way to get junior an Israeli passport), listening to the Morning Show on Radio Tel Aviv. Tal and Aviad were discussing the war raging up north, and pointing out that, actually, things don't look so bad. I guess they get paid to put a positive light on things, but living here in the centre of the country, it's easy to understand why things don't look so bad.

Just yesterday, driving home from the beach, I turned to mrs. anglosaxy and said "Hard to believe there's a war raging just a few kms from here..." But she was already asleep, so junior made out he understood me and smiled blissfully. The beach had been packed, with people laughing and eating ice-cream, just as they normally would.

But after getting junior's passport sorted (trust me, if you want to get excellent service at the Min of Interior, take a baby along - simply excellent service from a government body I have dreaded visiting in the past), things seem to have changed a bit. I'm looking at a couple of Israeli websites and see that more missiles have rained down on Haifa, with more casualties. And even more alarming is the warning to Tel Aviv citizens to be "on the alert".

Listen, if it was just me, I'd be quite excited. Scared, but the adrenaline would be pumping. I was here during the Gulf War of '91, and although those scuds came down around me in Tel Aviv, I was on the beach with friends watching those little orange fireballs head for some random location accompanied by the eerie wail of sirens. Trouble is, I got me a family, innit. And, I seem to have been instilled with this very protective instinct that is starting to bite...

Well, I've rambled a bit...didn't even mean to post anything today and didn't mean to sound too depressing, because I'm not down...just a tad more wee worried than yesterday...and I do have a couple of killer posts for you, coming real soon...