Friday, July 28, 2006

Goyzone II

So you know I decided to rent the shop in the smallsville shopping mall. Cheap and cheerful, great location. Went to close with the owner at her place in the older, more rundown Yemenite inhabited part of smallsville.

First question her 10 year old daughter asks me: "Are you Yemenite?"
"Er, no, I'm English."
"What?!? So, is your father Yemenite?"
"No, he's, er, English too."
"And your mother?"
"Yep, English."
She stares at me.
Then goes and whispers something in her mother's ear.
Her mother giggles.
"Of course he's Jewish darling, just because he's not Yemenite it doesn't mean he's not Jewish."

I smiled my bestest Jewish smile.