Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Learning the ropes (Israeli style)

I'm getting a feel for this management malarky.

I recently had a run-in with the copier service guy, who decided that I owed him 6 weeks service fee for the 6 weeks he disappeared off the face of the planet. Welcome to Israeli service, someone told me, though after being here for so long, it wasn't exactly news to me. Anyway, I put my foot down and shouted back and the pesky little bastard gave in. Ha, "gave in"...make that agreed that he'd been having a laugh.

The lying fucker even told me that he'd been at a pre-arranged meeting that he actually failed to turn up to, and had the nerve to suggest I was lying to him about me waiting for him! Straw, camel, back. Two days ago he came to pick the copier up. I made sure 2 huge geezers were there to greet him, especially after the previous time he turned up with a huge geezer of his own. I'm not getting my hands dirty, especially when it involves a drive down south. No time, love, no time. What do you know, he's all smiles now and wants me to come round for coffee...

Get the fuck out of my life, copier geezer!

Oh, and yesterday I bought two cheapish printer/copiers, one for each school. If only the service geezer had been providing a service, he could have had twice as much money coming in from me...