Wednesday, August 09, 2006

"O" my Gawd...

Wow, I was just thinking (oy, you at the back, stop that sniggering)...and it's just struck me how significant the letter O has become in my life in Israel, especially in regards to female names. This is pretty unbelievable, some might say spooky...

First of all, we have O____, who was my first girlfriend here, the girl I met on the beach after approximately 1 hour in Israel and then with whom I spent the next 6 years.

Then there is O____, a girl I'd rather not mention in too much detail, because she was one crazy cow. Let's just say that she played a BIG (as in huge, enormous) role in my staying here. Sorry, that's all you're going to get because if I tell you I'll have to kill you.

Then we have O____, a friend I've known practically all my years in Israel, who left the country last year after marrying Mr Right. Amazingly, just last week I was buckling up junior in the car when I heard a voice: "Ohh, I'd love to kick that arse!". Slightly shocked, I was delighted to turn around and see her, heavily pregnant these days of course.

Of course, we have O____, my ex-cellmate. Now heading off to Thailand as we speak for a month of Vipassana. Far out, man. Miss you lots.

There's also O____, my immediate boss in Corridor Land for the last 4 years or so. She's responsible for my staying in Corridor Land because she just won't fire me...

And perhaps most importantly, we have O___, mrs. anglosaxy herself. What can I say that I haven't said previously...?

Try as I might, without googling, the only name I can come up in English that starts with O is Ophelia. And come on, how many Ophelias have you met in your life?