Friday, August 11, 2006

Currently spectacularly annoying...

A few things are really winding me up at the moment:

  • Ninette's new single. Homo Sapiette she may be, but this song is everywhere and is driving me nuts.
  • The neighbourhood pussies. Bloody nerve, using my garden as the local lav. Ever since Z did a runner *sob*, the whiff coming from beyond the shrubs just hasn't been the same. I hate cats...
  • Those fuckwits that stop in the middle of the road and then take 2-3 minutes to unload their passengers while simultaneously generating the biggest traffic jam in smallsville's history. Then drive exactly 2.46 metres down the road and pull over to the side. Fuck you.
  • Paper copier service geezers who don't turn up for six weeks to fix a broken copier and then demand six weeks service fee. Double fuck you.
  • The lids on cottage cheese over here. Not the plastic lid, but the metallic paper lid. Try and pull it off in one go, I dare ya!
Guess I should be thankful the above list doesn't include wailing sirens and booms in the night, but fuck it, you gotta laugh...think of me as 'entertaining the troops'.