Thursday, September 21, 2006

Left arm. May I introduce you to your right arm?

A few days ago I finally returned my Depeche Mode tickets in order to get the money back. Of course, things are never that straight forward...

"It hurts me to do this, but I'm returning these..." ^Hands over 5 tickets^

"No problem".

"I actually bought a sixth ticket, but I don't have that ticket with me. I did call you a couple of days ago and someone told me all I need is the ticket number to - "

"What?? No!! You have to bring all the tickets in order to get the money back on each one".

"But someone in this office told me that if I don't have the ticket, because it's probably in Thailand on a year's vacation right now, all I need is the ticket number and you'll be able to confirm I paid for it via credit card..."

"Again,..." ^adopts a smarmy bastard smirk^ " need ALL the tickets to get ALL the money back".

"But..." ^anglosaxy adopts a pissed consumer smirk^ "...why would someone tell me that all I need is the ticket number? You're now telling me that I can't get my money back on the sixth ticket?".

"That's right. No ticket, no money".

"I see. So after telling me it was OK, and bringing me all the way into central fucking Tel Aviv, you're now telling me it's not OK?".

"Yes. But there isnt an expiry date for a refund. If the ticket is returned in 2 years time you'll still get your money back, we don't even need you to come in with your credit card, the ticket holder will get the money".

"Well that's fucking good, isn't it. You see, I sent the girl (it's O's ticket) here just before she left the country and she was told that because I paid for it with my credit card, only I can get the money back. That's why I called, to check..."

"I don't know about that..."

^stare of disbelief^
"Oh FUCK OFF! This is a fucking waste of time..."
anglosaxy, shaking and possibly about to lose it, seethes as he signs the credit card confirmation and stomps out of the office.
I might even have grunted something rather nasty at the person I bumped into at the door, but hey, fuck it...

I just love my meetups with Israeli service "technicians".