Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Long and hard

Yesterday was a 6am start thanks to junior, a spot of Corridoring until 2, then a drive down south to teach until 7. At 7 I interviewed a Ruskie for a part-time position, she seems OK, though not mother-tongue - not sure if the parents are going to accept her accent... Then a drive back to smallsville, where I upped the posters on the mall shop window, with the help of the brother-in-law. Finished at 11pm. The shop in the mall now looks (like a) class, I'll post some pics soon.

A long day, but I have to say, I really enjoyed teaching the kids down south. They are mostly of Ruskie origin, but very keen to learn and very cute. Say what you like about the Ruskies, and they generally get a bad deal in this country, they treat education seriously and are generally a pleasure to do business with. Whereas with almost every Israeli parent I have to barter and chase.

Oh, fucking loving James Dean Bradfield's "Still a long way to go". Song of the moment.