Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I'm the boss

Yesterday I had a 2 hour meeting in Corridor Land, of which approximately 3 minutes was relevant to me. Never mind, they're paying me for sitting there yawning and going over school schedules in my head, I can live with it. The most interesting part was at the end of the meeting - where we had been discussing my department's 2006 goals and their current status - as the boss decided to claim all the goals we'd discussed for herself and let rip at us all for not initiating any of them. She even mentioned me (I thought I was untouchable...) and my main project, stating that she was upset with me for not negotiating a better deal with the company we are working with. I just bit my lip. Utter management bollox.

I won't mention the project I'm working on, but let's just say she had never even heard of the term which describes my project a year ago. That was my doing, I'm afraid. As for the negotiating, if she'd have asked, I would have jumped at wasting a few shekels, believe me. She was the one who decided the price was too high and kept on at them to lower it.

I would never expect a teacher of mine to negotiate with students/parents, it's just not their domain...why the fuck should it be mine in Corridor Land? I thought a boss was supposed to be a boss and "manage", but maybe I'm wrong...