Monday, September 18, 2006

My daily shit

This little lot is the shit I carry around, every day. Very manly collection of bits and bobs, if you ask me. I'm especially proud of my bag, purchased in China, though must admit it's getting a tad on the small side, what with me becoming a big businessman. Some have called it a bus conductor's bag, others simply a handbag. I just like to think I'm a modern man. As you can see, there's an Underworld CD, a wallet (stuffed with cash that rogue teach didn't get her grubby hands on), some keys, my mobile, some sellotape, a tape measure, a sunglasses case, rechargeables for the camera, and a couple of school flyers. Not quite so obvious are the salary slips (under the phone), my Corridor Land security tag (next to the keys), a letter from the bank (under the sunglasses case), and last, but not least, my Israeli passport (just above the keys) - always handy when you need to do a runner. Also missing is the camera I took the pic with, not always in the bag but I carry around it 50% of the time.

You can all blame shlemazl for this post. Hee hee.