Saturday, September 16, 2006

Management Probs, part II

I don't think it's particularly professional to do this in public, but I am completely shocked and a little confused.

Yesterday I tried calling teach a few times and she didn't answer her mobile. So, again, I had to cancel all the afternoon lessons. Fucking embarrassing, and I'm sure I look amateur beyond belief. And I also had a hunch that something bad was going down. So I drove down south to the school. Wasn't sure what I'd find - perhaps an empty table where a new printer should be sitting - but everything seemed OK. Then I looked in the cash box, to which only she and I have the key. Nada. Empty as a Chelski footballer's head. Which was funny, because she'd mentioned putting in a few hundred shekels she'd received earlier in the week. A few choice words were uttered. I did a quick calculation - seems like the sum I owed her almost wrote off the cash box notes. So, I presume she (and her husband) decided that she'd help herself and have nothing more to do with me, as long as her salary was covered. I've also realised that she's stolen at least one student, but the rate she was paying, she's welcome to her. Just the idea that she has obviously nicked one of my students is making my blood boil...

I really don't know what to say. Except that if she had been an Israeli, you could say "Hutzpah!". But this was a fellow Brit, here for only a few months, and despite her owing me nothing, isn't there this unspoken loyalty or "stand by your fellow countryman" in foreign lands? I guess not. Not when there's an Israeli husband involved.

This is all a real shame, because I don't like to play the "big boss". I guess the next teacher is only going to suffer from teach's actions, because I'm going to have to tighten up things...

Time to change the locks.