Friday, September 15, 2006

Management Probs

Am I that much of a fuck?
Come on, be honest.
Because there I was, thinking that you respected and appreciated me.
At least that's what you told me.
I agree, the 2 hour gap between lessons yesterday was too much.
But it was a one-off, that much I promised.
And you happily agreed to come in.
Understanding the situation and wanting to help you told me.
Living 15 minutes away by foot, I really appreciated your effort.
And your proximity.
So why the no-show?
Why let down the students, their parents and me?
Oh, let me check my messages.
Ah, it's your husband.
He doesn't seem happy that you return home...
And then go back to the school 2 hours later.
But why leave the message 30 minutes before lessons start?
And couldn't you call?
Especially after you agreed it was OK.
Why why why should I still stick with you?

I say throw teach out on her ass, what say you?