Saturday, October 14, 2006

Birthday boy

Friday saw birthday celebrations for the father-in-law, who hit 70 this week.

Of course, hitting 70 is good enough reason to get the whole tribe together, rent a coach, and surprise the ol' geezer with a trip up north to the Druze village of Osefiyah. A lot of work was done by mrs anglosaxy on producing a programme of events, complete with loads of scanned pics from way back, when he was a nipper and pre-marital - ahh, aren't we all fine specimens before getting bogged down into marital bliss...

So thought I'd treat you to a quick video of Friday afternoon, which was fueled by plenty of Ouzo...the father-in-law is the guy in white dancing, while the little lad in the foreground headbanging along to the rythm is, of course, junior.