Thursday, January 04, 2007

Blighty, part iv

The last of my Blighty shots.

Ahhh, England, the land of kings...what can I say, I miss her, I miss my family, junior is missed by all (or probably not after the busy week he gave me and my parents)...but I have a strong feeling that the anglosaxies will be making their home there for a while. Not just yet, but as I see things panning out, it's a goer. Not for good, but for a couple of years or so. Mrs anglosaxy is up for it, I'm warming up to it, just need junior effing and blinding like his Dad and I'll be snapping up the tickets...

The first shot below is "typical England", taken on Christmas morning, I just isolated the green to make it look even more grayer than it was (but only just!). The three shots in the middle are from my sister's back garden, while the last pic is from Brighton, whose citizens probably deserve all the rota spikes thay can get (only joking, I love Brighton, really!).

suburbia, christmas day 2006
my sister's back garden 1
my sister's back garden 2
my sister's back garden 3
ouch! some serious looking spikes