Sunday, January 07, 2007


The Nanny be no more.
She'd stick with us til the end, she swore.
But the smell of money stinks,
And she played us the ol' hi-jinks.

Played us good and proper.
But if she's got a new job, what can I do, stop her?
All those heart-to-hearts and patter,
Made us feel like, to her, we really matter.

She fretted and worried about our move to the city,
And made us feel all guilty and shitty.
So we told her about all our plans,
Just to reassure her and keep down her glands.

Straight as could be, that's what we were.
But that did nae matter, not to her.
Two more months, that's all we asked for.
The finger, that's what she gave us, the whore.

Aye, that means junior has now started kindergarden, and bless his little football socks, has been a real gever gever so far. But those Hebrew nursery rhymes are tearing my heart apart and pushing me towards England...