Wednesday, February 28, 2007

And you thought my name was anglosaxy...

Crikey! Meme'd again, this time by Liza. It's time to get intimate and confidential with your favourite anglosaxy. Some things you probably didn't know about me...

  1. I once went out with a girl just so that I could dump her (I was 16 and on a painful teenage rebound).
  2. The British Transport Police have had me by the short and curlies for travelling without a train ticket.
  3. My brother was born in Libya, while me and my sister were born in Hong Kong.
  4. I have a huge poster of Thierry Henry hanging in my office at Corridor Land (cheers O!).
  5. I learnt French at school and also via a Linguaphone course because I was sure I was going to end up there - but have still never been to France.
  6. I used to have a thing for Yemenite women, but after living in smallsville that has almost totally gone.
  7. I once slept with a snake. A very poisonous one. To cut a long story short, after a drunken night at my mate's moshav, my mate woke me up to tell me he saw something move under my pillow. Lifting the pillow we were confronted with a tzefer snake (a viper?), in full strike mode. We, being well hard (and just a tad scared), did of course kill the crap out of it. I have the pictures.
  8. Me and my best mate at school used to run an ice-cream ring. We'd, er, lift ice-creams from a certain shop during lunch hour and then flog them back at school. But you didn't hear that from me.
  9. I met mrs anglosaxy while working as a motorbike courier in Tel Aviv. Yes, that was me, darting between the cars...
  10. I proposed to mrs anglosaxy on Karl's bridge, Prague. Awwww.

I'm not passing this on because it looks like I'm the last one to do it...

And with that, I'm off for a few days. Moving back to Tel Aviv, so I'm going to be without Internet for a couple of days. Hopefully back at the start of next week.