Sunday, March 04, 2007

Moving along...

Welcome to Tel Aviv.

Ahhh, but not before we try and feck you right and proper.

Yes, indeed, welcome to the land of Israel customer service. The land where removal guys say they'll come and move your house and just don't bother turning up. The land where 20 calls are ignored, but a call made from a "hidden" number is miraculously answered. And then quickly cut off upon hearing who's calling. If I can stop any business coming their way - yes, you, Leonid Fucking Removal Company - I shall be a happy man.

These guys did the business, Moshiko Hovalot. Moshiko and his 3 very friendly Arab guys (English (he spoke, er, English), Judy and Mahmud) cleared out our place in smallsville and moved it all to Tel Aviv in 3 hours flat, starting at 5am...Highly recommended.