Monday, February 12, 2007

Here we go again...

Oh for gawd's sake. Today I have my annual appraisal meeting with my Corridor Land boss. Really, this has to be the biggest waste of time...and I can safely predict the following sentences will be uttered:

"You have worked hard and met all your deadlines, but..."

"You really ought to know the product much better..."

"I want you to initiate more tasks..."

The sentence that should be uttered but won't be:

"You're fired..."

UPDATE: Oooooh! Looks like they've finally sussed me out. But instead of firing me, and paying out compensation by default, they have told me it's my decision whether I stay or go. Because if I quit, they don't necessarily have to pay compensation. What a bunch of losers, anything not to pay out a few thousand shekels...