Thursday, March 08, 2007

O Lordy!

Last night was spent in the company of O, plus a couple of decent (lifer) Corridor Landers. Pool was the name of the game, Stella the chosen poison. After slaughtering them, myself and O went over to G's place (an ex-Corridor Lander) to watch *sob* Arsenal go out in the Champs League. Too little too late, that's all I have to say about Arsenal. Was interesting to see G, who is now enjoying himself at a new cellblock - in fact, some freelancing might be coming my way, after I let him know just what he might be getting himself into with the Tech Writing company he was thinking about hiring (for those of you who know, Barbie dearest...).

And yes, I'm sitting in Corridor Land and am bleedin' hungover and tired...but at least I didn't have far to crawl home...