Thursday, May 03, 2007

Reeling 'em in...

In my quest to get those wee Corridor Land severance funds, my task is to lick arse for the next month or two (I don't have a leaving date specified yet). Not too much of a problem, well, at least from these first couple of days it looks doable. I also agreed to help them find my replacement, which involves sending out the same ad I discovered a while back, my boss has just forwarded it to me. It's still dated January - I'm almost tempted to ask her about the date of it, just to let her know that I know...but I got arse to lick, so...come on suckerrrrs, this is one hell of a job, come and get it!

It feels good to finally have made the move. I know it's the right decision, even though they may well screw me over the severance money. Fuck 'em, at least I know I came out of this the right way, not exactly smelling of roses, but head held reasonably high. And inside, deep inside, it just feels good. Time for new things.

[ Lick, slurp ]