Tuesday, June 12, 2007

i am da paparazzi

OK, so more about that dream job...I have my first profesh photo gig coming up on Thursday. Yep, somebody is actually going to pay me for taking some pictures! Suckers! The pix are for a new magazine just about to hit the stands here in Israel (not sure if there'll be an online version), and if I do a good job there should be a few more gigs lined up.

Trouble is, shooting for fun is, well, fun. Shooting for money is a whole different ball game. For a start, I don't have the tools (I've managed to borrow a half decent camera off a friend) or the knowledge...OK, my pix aren't bad, but are they good enough to be in a mag? I think a lot of bluffing is going to be in order on Thursday...maybe if I get me one of those vests with lots of pockets...? Yeah baby!