Monday, June 11, 2007

Things they could have said...

Just thinking, as my Corridor Land days come to an end, if things would have been any different if da management at C Land had ever come out with any of the following:

- "Good morning!" as they walked past my wide open door.

- "If you're happy, we're happy."

- "That is excellent work!"

- "Thank you for your work on the project that you alone implemented and that will eventually save us thousands of dollars."

- "The Pessach gift of 200 shekels in gift tokens was a mistake - it should have been 2000."

- "The 10% pay cut we took last year will be compensated by a 20% raise this year."

- "The one raise in 6.5 years we're giving you is not linked to your hours (would have been nice - the 15% rise I did get was actually only about 10% because I only worked 70%)."

- "The seating arrangement we promised when you joined will be immediately implemented (and not take 4.5 won't believe where they wanted to put me at first...really)."

Nah, you know what, it's better that they never did say any of the above...I'm happy to be going, I've got some interesting options lined up, perhaps even my dream job...yes, more to come soon! Even mrs anglosaxy reckons I'm a lucky bastard!