Monday, July 30, 2007

It's all about learnin', innit

Some things I've learned the last few days...

  • I miss the luxury of the Corridor Land Mazda 3...I'm currently motoring around in a Fiat Punto borrowed from the missus' company. The gears are manky and there's no CD player, but it gets me around, which is the main idea, right?
  • There are some strange individuals out there calling themselves English teachers (I'm interviewing...)
  • There are a ton of tourists (but more local than international?) in Tel Aviv, even in the lower end hotels.
  • My kids are top class bundles of joy.
  • Some people who are supposed to be managing your financial future really have no fucking clue...
  • Phone-in quizzes have arrived to daytime TV in Israel.
  • Even with the air conditioner fired up, I sweat when slumped naked, or rather topless, on the sofa.
  • I gots me another photo gig this week.
  • Beer is good. Very good.